About Us

About Us

About Us

At Ward Henderson Management, we genuinely believe that there are few callings that illustrate the higher duty of care to another person as that in which one serves as a trusted, confidential adviser.

Relationships Built On Trust

Your dictionary will define the word "fiduciary" in terms that focus on the concept of one person or group of persons acting in a relationship based on trust. Frequently, a client may not necessarily be aware that what they're looking for is a "fiduciary" but when they make contact with Ward Henderson Management and receive exactly what they were seeking – all becomes clear. Ward Henderson Management embraces the afore-mentioned calling of a higher duty of care for individuals, families and institutions.

Though our primary focus is investment/wealth management, we appreciate that these terms may have different meanings for different people. Some regard it as aggressive wealth-building whilst for others, it may revolve around mitigating the risk that existing wealth is exposed to. It can mean the development of a more diversified portfolio or the opportunity to participate in private equity opportunities.

Our Independence Is Your Assurance

The relationships we nurture with our clients are at the very foundation of our approach. Our fiercely-preserved independent status means that fund managers cannot compensate us in return for being included on a preferred suppliers list, since one with the Ward Henderson Management name on it simply does not exist.

Consequently, this means you can rest assured that each and every recommendation we make or strategy we devise will have your portfolio's best interests as its only motivation. Our interests are aligned with yours and this is reflected in our endeavors to devise the best strategies for your bespoke portfolio.