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Client Experience

Client Experience

We want clients to know what to expect when they elect to partner with Ward Henderson Management. Initially, our aim is to help you define your objectives and how they fit into your vision for your future financial wellbeing. Although all individuals are different, there are certain aspirations that are common with most of those who come to us seeking our counsel.

Most understandably want a comfortable retirement; many want solid, meaningful income returns on capital and an increasing number want to plan for the distribution of their wealth upon their passing. Whatever is most important to you, your Ward Henderson Management adviser is there to ensure that your goals are made achievable. First, he or she will help to define your tolerance for investment risk and ensure that any and all boundaries you wish to set in terms of risk are fully respected.

After this, your Ward Henderson Management adviser will discuss the most appropriate, personalized investment strategies with you in refreshingly simple, jargon-free language and carefully explain the potential benefits and attendant risks associated with each element.

Making the Right Decisions

Many Ward Henderson Management clients come to us having previously gained some degree of sophistication as investors while many have no experience whatsoever of the financial markets beyond what they may have overheard while listening to the nightly news. Irrespective of your grounding in this most complex of industries, Ward Henderson Management will ensure you fully understand the recommendations we make and the justifications for making them.

Our professional advisers will conduct a full, comprehensive evaluation of your financial standing taking into account assets, liabilities, debt, real estate holdings, existing investment portfolios and retirement arrangements with a view to constructing a plan for consolidating them into a well devised, fit-for-purpose financial plan of attack; one capable of achieving your goals.

Ward Henderson Management Delivers:

  • The means by which to accurately define your tolerance for investment risk
  • Transfer of knowledge in plain language that avoids financial jargon
  • We ensure that our strategies complement your lifestyle
  • We recommend a strategy that respects your attitude to risk