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Investment Services

Investment Services

Ward Henderson Management boasts a performance history that has helped the firm to maintain and develop a client base comprised of individuals, families, corporations and institutions. Each of our clients has something in common, with that common denominator being:

They are serious about long-term accumulation and protection of their investment capital.

Totally independent in our decision making.

As an independent financial investment firm, Ward Henderson Management are free to make their own investment and business decisions based on internal methodologies and talent. We are not tied in any way to the banking sector or larger financial institutions. This independent status enables Ward Henderson Management to make financial decisions based on current trends and opportunities, whilst providing sufficient room for maneuver as and when the market determines a buy, sell or hold opportunity.

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Ward Henderson Management's role is to help discerning, prosperous individuals and families to plot a course through today's progressively more intricate and volatile global market landscape.

Central to our principles is the immense importance of advancing our clients' interests.

We have never overlooked the importance of keeping our clients apprised of their investments' performance since we believe that it's not enough to simply perform; one must be able to be seen performing.

This is why our client managers are always available to give them the detailed updates they need, whenever they need them.

Investment Research

Wealth Accumulation

If one is to accumulate enough money to secure one's future financial wellbeing, it is necessary to start investing a sufficient number of years ahead of the date when the money will be needed or, alternatively, one must look for assets and/or securities that offer the greatest potential for larger returns over a reduced time horizon regardless of the associated increased risk.

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Wealth Management Services

Wealth Conservation

It’s true to say that many of our individual clients have amassed what wealth they have by virtue of years and years of commitment, sacrifice and saving; so the prospect of losing it all in an ill-timed, painfully short flutter on the global financial markets is galling; and that’s putting it mildly.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Ward Henderson Management’s extensive network of professionals includes independent tax planning specialists whose sole purview is to scrutinize the details of our client's tax liabilities with the goal of reducing those that could potentially have a significant bearing on our clients' assets and investments.

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