How We Invest

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Our aptitude for bringing together the expertise, the impartiality and the discipline required to follow our philosophy forms the foundation of our success. We are sufficiently quick and responsive to seize opportunities that manifest themselves regularly in the financial markets but are flexible enough to re-evaluate and re-position in the event we identify potential downside risks on the horizon.

Managing Investment Risk Effectively

Irrespective of the nature of the investment, risk is always present. From the humble, seemingly innocuous deposit at the systemically-important banking giant to the exotic derivatives being used to hedge an institution’s exposure to a junk bond portfolio, risk must be planned for but it must never be ignored. We still have faith in the soundness of the tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory and we continue to employ careful diversification and asset allocation methodology to diminish risk within all client portfolios.

Modern Portfolio Theory

Modern Portfolio Theory postulates that the optimal way to reduce the impact of risk in a portfolio is to utilize broad diversification in asset classes, investment strategies and styles. There is no single asset class that possesses the ability to post the best performance over all time horizons so, it is clear that constructing a single-asset class portfolio considerably amplifies the “risk of ruin” from loss of capital, recovery from which can take years.

Principles and Values

Ward Henderson Management fiercely guards its independence since, without it, we would be unable to offer our clients the broad range of products, securities and asset classes that make up the global financial marketplace.

When you make the decision to retain Ward Henderson Management as one of your confidential advisors, you can feel confident that we are wholeheartedly committed to the pursuit of your best interests. Ward Henderson Management does not solicit nor do we receive incentivized emoluments from product providers like mutual funds or ETFs in return for recommending their products to you over those of others. This is a key part of our “Clients First – Always” ethos.

It is all About you

As fiduciaries, we have a solemn duty to act in a manner in keeping with our responsibility to promote the best interest of our clients at all times. This means that we must avoid all perceived and actual conflicts of interest. We observe time-honored industry best practices and go the extra mile to reward the trust you place in our practice.


Ward Henderson Management seeks compensation from our clients; we never solicit inducements for endorsing specific investments or financial products.


We are faithful to our clients and their interests and are not influenced by third parties to endorse investments, securities and assets that offer commissions or payouts. Any and all recommendations we make will always have your wellbeing as the primary driver.