Whom We Serve

Our Vision

Our Vision

We seek to consolidate our position as a leading practitioner in the regional private client asset management market by building on our reputation for strong investment performance and our second-to-none service levels. It is our aim to continue to nurture and preserve long-term partnerships with our clients and to ensure that, going forward, our name becomes synonymous with the best outcomes available to investors wishing to take advantage of the opportunities within the global financial markets.

Highly Personalized Service

We believe that focusing interactions with Ward Henderson Management through one or two familiar faces is one of the best ways to foster trust and openness within the client/adviser relationship. Keeping the number of points of contact to a maximum of 3 is one way of ensuring that our clients always feel that the service we provide is highly personalized.

Steering Clear of the Herd

Contemporary market mores being what they are, it is sometimes difficult to avoid succumbing to the herd mentality that often dictates price action even when the direction of travel is highly questionable such as during periods of irrational exuberance. By the time the typical retail investor has latched onto the asset/trend/fad du jour, the smart money – that is, money controlled by institutional investors and seasoned players like Ward Henderson Management – has already quietly made its way towards the exits.

What this means is that our clients can feel assured that their capital isn’t being managed by just another investment or asset management company running the same, predictable strategies as the rest of the market.

No, a Ward Henderson Management client can rest assured that his or her investments are being managed by a practitioner that insists on looking deeper and reaching further than its run-of-the-mill rivals in order to deliver the outstanding investment returns their patronage so richly deserves.