Wealth Conservation

Wealth Conservation

It’s true to say that many of our individual clients have amassed what wealth they have by virtue of years and years of commitment, sacrifice and saving; so the prospect of losing it all in an ill-timed, painfully short flutter on the global financial markets is galling; and that’s putting it mildly.

It should be fairly obvious that a strategy designed to preserve capital will have marked and pronounced differences to one geared towards wealth creation. With one, the onus is on conserving the buying power of wealth that has already been created while the other is focused on generating the wealth in the first place. It won’t have escaped anyone’s attention that the buying power of our money seems to decline with each passing year.

There always seems to be a veritable chasm between government-provided inflation statistics and our own, very personal experiences when spending money on goods and services. Frankly, this failure to correctly calculate or, worse still, to purposely play down the effect of inflation on our money poses the clearest and most present danger to the purchasing power of money; both now and in the future.

Our Dispassionate View

Here at Ward Henderson Management, we prefer to take a more dispassionate view when putting our clients' wealth preservation strategies together. Our inclination is to consult real-world price inflation data gathered by unbiased statisticians and to tie all our wealth preservation recommendations and projections to their calculations.

Wealth Conservation Focus

Our wealth preservation qualifications are hallmarked by our focus on the following:

  • Targeting performance to protect against "real-world" price inflation, not government fabrications
  • Trusting in time-honored safe-haven assets like precious metals
  • A healthy mistrust of sovereign bonds issued by profligate 1st world sovereign nations
  • Carefully selecting bonds issued by developing economies